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Adam vertimas Adomas

  • Adam's apple (n.) Adomo obuolys
  • Adam's apple Adomo obuolys
  • Adam Smith
  • Adam and Eve () Adomas ir Ieva
  • Adam and Eve Adomas ir Ieva
  • Robert Adam
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (Old Testament) in Judeo-Christian mythology; the 1st man and the husband of Eve and the progenitor of the human race Topic: Old Testament. Type of: man
  • (architect) a Scottish architect who designed many public buildings in England and Scotland (born: 1728 – died: 1792)
  • (club drug) a stimulant drug that is chemically related to mescaline and amphetamine, and is used illicitly for its euphoric and hallucinogenic effects; it was formerly used in psychotherapy but in 1985 it was declared illegal in the United States

Adam sinonimai cristal, disco biscuit, ecstasy, go, hug drug, Robert Adam, X, XTC

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