worship lietuviškai

worship vertimas 1. n garbinimas, dievinimas; Your W.Jūsų kilnybe;2. v garbinti, dievinti; melstis

  • idol worship (n.) stabmeldystė
  • house of worship (n.) bažnyčia
  • Nature worship Gamtameldystė
  • hero-worship (n.) garbinimas
  • hero-worship (v.) gerbti, garbinti, dievinti
  • Place of worship Šventvietė
  • Service of worship Apeigos
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (activity) the activity of worshipping Type of: activity
  • (love) a feeling of profound love and admiration
  • (adore) to love unquestioningly and uncritically or to excess; to venerate as an idol
  • (religion) to show devotion to (a deity) Topic: religion. Type of: reverence
  • (attend) to attend religious services Type of: attend

worship sinonimai adoration, awe, church, church service, craze, cult, deference, deification, fad, fear, furor, furore, glorification, homage, honour, idolatry, idolization, mass, Mass, office, rage, regard, reverence, service, idolisation, veneration, adore, beg, beseech, deify, implore, plead, pray, entreat, adore, be crazy about, be fond of, be keen on, be mad about, be nuts about, be partial to, be wild about, dote on, god, hero, hero-worship, hold in veneration, idolise, idolize, love, revere, venerate

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