trimmer lietuviškai

trimmer vertimas n prisitaikėlis

  • in (good) trim geros formos
  • trim down (v.) pakirpti, sumažinti
  • trim back (v.) pakirpti, sumažinti
  • window trimmer (n.) vitrinos dekoruotojas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (worker) a worker who thins out and trims trees and shrubs
  • (machine) a machine that trims timber Type of: machine
  • (capacitor) capacitor having variable capacitance; used for making fine adjustments
  • (joist) joist that receives the end of a header in floor or roof framing to leave an opening for a staircase, chimney, or so on
  • (thin) thin and fit
  • (shipshape) of places, characterized by order and neatness; free from disorder
  • (clean-cut) neat and smart in appearance
  • (plain) severely simple in line or design

trim sinonimai clean-cut, in order, ruly, shipshape, spare, tailored, trig, well-groomed, well-kept, braid, clipping, haircut, passementerie, trimming, trimness, adjust, adorn, arrange, bedeck, bob, border, cut, cut back, deck out, decorate, dress, dress up, edge, embellish, emblazon, festoon, garland, give a close haircut, hem, lop, order, ornament, pare, prepare, prune, set off, shave, shear, tidy, bob, bring down, carve, clip, crop, cut, cut back, cut down, cut up, dress, edge, garnish, give a close haircut, lop, pare, prune, reduce, set off, shave, snip, trim back, trim down

trimmer sinonimai pruner, trimmer joist, trimming capacitor, crosshead, trimmer beam

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