tie-up lietuviškai

tie-up vertimas n 1) surišimas; ryšys; sąjunga; 2) amer. laikinas darbo nutraukimas

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (relationship) a social or business relationship
  • (stop) an interruption of normal activity
  • (restrain) to secure with, or as if with, ropes
  • (invest) to invest so as to make unavailable for other purposes Type of: invest
  • (obstruct) to restrain from moving or operating normally Type of: obstruct
  • (fasten) to secure in, or as if in, a berth or dock
  • (knitwork) to finish the last row

tie up sinonimai lash, tether, do up, fasten, knot, knot together, pinion, strap, tie, truss up, approach, berth, bind, bind off, do up, fasten, go towards, go up to, head for, knot together, land, lash, link, make for, moor, pinion, proceed towards, reach, set ashore, shore, strap, tie, tie down, truss, truss up, walk up to

tie-up sinonimai affiliation, association, buildup, congestion, gridlock, jam, snarl-up, stand, standstill, tie, traffic congestion, traffic jam, tailback

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