shave lietuviškai

shave vertimas 1. n skutimasi(is); to have a shave nusiskusti; we won by a shave mes vos nepralaimėjome; a close/near/narrow shave vos-ne-vos išvengtas pavojus;2. v (shaved; shaved, shaven); 1) skusti(s); 2) drožti; 3) prasmukti pro šalį, beveik paliesti

  • shave off (v.) skustis
  • close shave (n.) vos išvengta nelaimės
  • shave clean (v.) skustis
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (depilation) the removing of hair with a razor
  • (groom) to remove body hair with a razor Type of: groom
  • (cut closely) to cut closely
  • (reduce) to cut the price of
  • (plane) to cut or remove with, or as if with, a plane
  • (carve) to make shavings of or reduce to shavings Type of: carve
  • (graze) to touch the surface of lightly Type of: graze

shave sinonimai barber, shaving, graze, just miss, just touch, pare, scrape, shave clean, shave off, shear, skim over, tonsure, graze, knock off, plane, scrape, shave clean, shave off, skim, skim over, trim

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