railing lietuviškai

railing vertimas n 1) tvora; 2) turėklai

  • by rail geležinkeliu
  • balance rail (n.) su švytuokle, švytuoklė
  • rail against (v.) išlieti pyktį ant, šaipytis, užsipulti, graužti, staiga užsipulti
  • rail network (n.) geležinkelių tinklas
  • rail at (v.) išlieti pyktį ant, šaipytis, užsipulti, graužti, staiga užsipulti
  • rail link (n.) bėgiai
  • rail in (v.) apsodinti gyvatvore, aptverti, atitverti
  • Water Rail Ilgasnapė vištelė
  • rail line (n.) geležinkelio linija
  • rail transport (n.) geležinkelių transportas
  • Rail transport Geležinkelis
  • High-speed rail Greitasis traukinys
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (barrier) a barrier consisting of a horizontal bar and supports
  • (material) material for making rails or rails collectively Type of: material
  • (complain) to complain bitterly
  • (enclose) to enclose with rails
  • (architecture) to provide with rails Topic: architecture. Type of: supply
  • (separate) to separate with a railing
  • (transport) to convey (goods, and so on) by rails Type of: transport
  • (ride) to travel by rail or train
  • (lay) to lay with rails Type of: lay
  • (fish) to fish with a handline over the rails of a boat Type of: fish
  • (abuse) to spread negative information about
  • (denounce) to criticize severely

railing sinonimai barrier, breastwork, bridge railing, enclosure, fence, fencing, hedge, inclosure, lattice, lattice work, paling, palings, parapet, perimeter fence, rail, railings, trellis

rail sinonimai breastwork, bridge railing, parapet, railing, railroad, rails, railway, railways, runway, track, track, connection, line, rail link, railroad, railroad connection, railway, railway connection, railway line, blacken, fence in, fence off, fulminate, inveigh, put wire fencing on, put wire mesh on, put wire netting on, rail in, rail off, revile, train, vilify, vituperate

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