pare lietuviškai

pare vertimas v 1) nukarpyti, nupjauti; nulupti; 2) sumažinti; to pare away/off nupjauti, nukirpti, nulupti; to pare downsumažinti (išlaidas)

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (decrease) to decrease gradually or bit by bit
  • (whittle) to cut small bits or pare shavings from
  • (strip) to strip the skin off
  • (trim) to remove the edges from and cut down to the desired size

pare sinonimai cut, cut away, cut off, diminish, ferret about in, husk, pare down, peel, search, search for, search through, shear, skin, snip, snip off, trim, unravel, whittle, sift

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