garland lietuviškai

garland vertimas 1. n 1) girlianda, vainikas; 2) prizas; 2. v papuošti girliandomis

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (anthology) an anthology of short literary pieces, poems, ballads, and so on
  • (flower arrangement) flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes
  • (decorate) to adorn with bands of flowers or leaves Type of: decorate
  • (singer) a United States singer and film actress (born: 1922 – died: 1969)
  • (city) a city in northeastern Texas (suburb of Dallas) Type of: city. Part of: Texas

Garland sinonimai Judy Garland

garland sinonimai coronal, coronet, festoon, floral tributes, floral wreath, florilegium, laurels, miscellany, swag, wreath, chaplet, lei, adorn, bedeck, deck out, decorate, dress, dress up, embellish, emblazon, festoon, ornament, trim

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