extinguish lietuviškai

extinguish vertimas v 1) gesinti, naikinti; 2) sumokėti (skolą),anuliuoti; 3) prarasti (viltį, aistrą ir t. t.)

  • Embrace, extend and extinguish Pripažink, išplėsk ir nuslopink
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (put, end to) to put an end to
  • (blow out) to put out, as of fires, flames, or lights
  • (end) to extinguish by crushing
  • (destroy) to terminate, end, or take out
  • (foredo) to kill in large numbers

extinguish sinonimai do away with, eliminate, get rid of, annihilate, blow out, carry off, crush out, damp, decimate, demolish, destroy, do away with, douse, dowse, eliminate, eradicate, exterminate, kill, press out, put out, quench, smother, snuff, snuff out, stifle, stop, stub out, switch off, turn off, turn out, wipe out, wreck

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