cry lietuviškai

cry vertimas 1. v 1) šaukti; rėkti; to cry for helpšauktis pagalbos; 2) verkti; to cry one's heart/eyes out graudžiai verkti; to cry offatsižadėti, pakeisti savo nuomonę; to cry out šūkauti; surikti; to cry up išgirti; 2. n 1) riksmas; šauksmas; much cry and little wool daug triukšmo dėl nieko; 2) verksmas; a far cry a) didelis nuotolis; b) didelis skirtumas; to cry for the moonprašyti/reikalauti neįmanomo; to cry over spilt mild verkti dėl nepataisomos klaidos

  • a far cry () toli gražu ne
  • cry off () atšaukti, palaidoti, atsižadėti
  • battle cry (n.) karo šūkis, karo ðûkis
  • Battle cry Karo šūkis
  • war-cry (n.) karo ðûkis, karo šūkis
  • war cry (n.) karo šūkis, karo ðûkis
  • rallying cry (n.) karo šūkis, karo ðûkis
  • Far Cry
  • cry out (v.) šauktis, rėkti, sušukti, sušukti, šūktelėti, rėkti, šaukti
  • hue and cry (n.) triukšmas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (vociferation) a loud utterance; often in protest or opposition
  • (loud utterance, emotion) a loud utterance of emotion (especially when inarticulate)
  • (motto) a slogan used to rally support for a cause
  • (effusion) a fit of weeping Type of: effusion
  • (sound) the characteristic utterance of an animal Type of: sound
  • (shout out) to utter a sudden loud cry
  • (express emotion) to shed tears because of sadness, rage, or pain
  • (express) to utter aloud, often with surprise, horror, or joy
  • (announce) to proclaim or announce in public
  • (want) to demand immediate action Type of: want
  • (utter, characteristic sound) to utter a characteristic sound Type of: utter
  • (change) to bring into a particular state by crying Type of: change

cry sinonimai announcement, appeal, battle cry, bellow, call, crying, ejaculation, entreaty, exclamation, hail, hoot, lament, lamentation, outcry, proclamation, rallying cry, scream, screaming, screech, screeching, shout, shouting, shriek, shrieking, vociferation, war cry, watchword, whoop, yell, yelling, yelp, blazon out, call, call out, cry out, exclaim, heckle, holler, hollo, howl out, let fly at, outcry, roar, roar out, scold, scream, scream out, screech out, shout, shout out, squall, tear, yell, yell out, weep

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