concern lietuviškai

concern vertimas 1. n 1) susidomėjimas; interesas; a matter of great concern labai svarbus dalykas; 2) rūpinimasis; dalyvavimas; it is no concern of yours tai ne tavo/jūsų reikalas; with deep concern su gilia užuojauta; 3) įmonė; koncernas;2. v 1) liesti; 2) dominti; to concern oneself (with) domėtis; 3) rūpintis, nerimauti; to be concerned at/for/about sielotis kuo ar dėl ko

  • of concern (adv.) svarus, reikšmingai
  • business concern (n.) koncernas, įmonė
  • concern o.s. with (v.) krimstis, svarstyti, sukti galvą
  • banking concern (n.) bankas
  • self-concern (n.) egoizmas, savanaudiškumas
  • earthly concern (n.) pasaulis
  • concern o.s. about (v.) krimstis, svarstyti, sukti galvą
  • concern o.s. over (v.) krimstis, svarstyti, sukti galvą
  • worldly concern (n.) pasaulis
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (involvement) something that interests you because it's important or affects you Type of: interest
  • (anxiety) an anxious feeling
  • (sympathy) a feeling of sympathy for someone or something Type of: sympathy
  • (negative stimulus) something or someone that causes anxiety; a source of unhappiness
  • (commercial enterprise) a commercial or industrial enterprise and the people who constitute it
  • (allude) to be relevant to
  • (occupy) to be on the mind of

concern sinonimai angst, anxiety, anxiousness, apprehension, business, business concern, business organisation, business organization, care, commerce, disquietude, fear, headache, interest, lookout, solicitude, trade, unquiet, vexation, worries, worry, affect, bear on, bear reference to, be concerned with, bother, disquiet, disturb, do with, have to do with, interest, pertain to, perturb, refer to, relate to, touch on, touch upon, worry, affect, bear on, bear reference to, be concerned with, come to, have-to doe with, interest, occupy, pertain, pertain to, refer, refer to, regard, relate, relate to, touch, touch on, touch upon, worry

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