building lietuviškai

building vertimas n 1) pt atas; 2) statymas; statyba 3) pastatas

  • building insulation (n.) pastatų izoliacija
  • building timber (n.) mediena, statybinis miškas, pjautinė miško medžiaga
  • building industry (n.) pastatas, statinys, konstrukcija, statybos pramonė
  • building industry (n.) statybos pramonė
  • building material (n.) statybinė medžiaga
  • building materials (n.) statybinė medžiaga
  • building permit (n.) statybos leidimas
  • building slab (n.) statybinė plokštė
  • public building (n.) visuomeninis pastatas
  • building safety (n.) pastatų sauga
  • building services (n.) inžineriniai pastatų tinklai
  • building site (n.) statybvietė, vieta, statybos aikštelė
  • building speculation (n.) spekuliacija nekilnojamuoju turtu
  • ship building (n.) laivų statyba
  • building regulations (n.) statybos nuostatai
  • building society (n.) statybos kredito firma
  • building subsidy (n.) statybos subsidija
  • industrial building (n.) pramoninis pastatas
  • Empire State Building
  • Building code Statybos teisė
  • building contractor (n.) statybininkas, statytojas, konstruktorius
  • illegal building (n.) neteisėta statyba
  • road building (n.) kelių tiesyba
  • agricultural building (n.) žemės ūkio pastatas
  • bank building (n.) bankas
  • building technique (n.) statybos metodas
  • church building (n.) bažnyčia
  • Church (building) Bažnyčia
  • body-build (n.) figūra
  • building plot (n.) statybvietė, vieta, statybos aikštelė, statybos sklypas
  • building plot (n.) statybos sklypas
  • Chrysler Building
  • build up (v.) išsipūsti, sužadinti savyje, ginkluotis, ginkluoti, apginkluoti
  • build up () didėti, augti, sukurti, kurti, daryti, sukelti
  • Flatiron Building
  • Insula (building) Insulė
  • Hungarian Parliament Building Vengrijos parlamento pastatas
  • New York World Building
  • Reichstag (building) Reichstagas (pastatas)
  • Woolworth Building
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (structure) a structure that has a roof and walls, and stands more or less permanently in one place
  • (creating from raw materials) the act of constructing something
  • (commercial enterprise) the commercial activity involved in repairing old structures or constructing new ones
  • (gathering) the occupants of a building Type of: gathering
  • (make, combining materials) to make by combining materials and parts
  • (form, accumulate steadily) to form or accumulate steadily
  • (build, establish something) to build or establish something abstract
  • (chemistry) to improve the cleansing action of Topic: chemistry. Type of: better
  • (oversee) to order, supervise, or finance the construction of Type of: oversee
  • (give form, according) to give form to, according to a plan Type of: develop
  • (architecture) to be engaged in building Topic: architecture. Type of: create. Similar to: construct
  • (base) to found or ground Type of: establish
  • (increase) to bolster or strengthen
  • (intensify) to develop and grow Type of: intensify. Similar to: build up

building sinonimai architecture, building industry, buildings, composition, construction, construction industry, construction work, contractor, edifice, equipment, erection, fabric, fabrication, machinery, manufacturing, office, pile, plant, premises, tools, apartment building, apartment house, block of flats

build sinonimai anatomy, bod, body-build, chassis, figure, flesh, form, frame, habitus, human body, limbs, material body, physical body, physique, shape, silhouette, skyline, soma, add, assemble, base, base o.s. on, build from wood, build of wood, build on, build out of wood, constitute, construct, construct from wood, construct of wood, erect, establish, fabricate, form, found, go on, ground, increase, knock together, knock up, lay bricks, make by carpentry, put together, raise, set up, underpin, base on, found on, found upon, assemble, build up, construct, establish, fit, fix, institute, knock up, lay bricks, make, mount, progress, put together, put up, ramp up, set up, work up

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