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ar vertimas 1. dll.: ar šalta? is it cold?; ar (tu) žinai? do you know (it).; ar esi buvęs Vilniuje? have you been to Vilnius.?; 2. jng. whether, if; jis neatsimena, ar ją matęs he does not remember whether he has seen her; eik ir pažiūrėk, ar vaikai žaidžia go and see if the children are playing; lyja ar sninga whether it rains or snows ; dieną ar naktį by day or by night; šiaip ar taip in any event/case ; (ir tuo, ir kitu atveju) in either event , one way or another; reikia ar nereikia in need or not

  • ar aš nesakiau? I told you so
  • nori ar ne if you don't like it, you can lump it
  • vargu ar (adv.) hardly
  • ES įstaigos ar agentūros (n.) EU body or agency
  • anksčiau ar vėliau () in due course, in due season, in good time, in due time, when the time comes, at one/two etc. o'clock prompt, in time, on time, at one/two ZZZetcZZZ o'clock prompt, yet, sooner or later, at a convenient moment, at a convenient time, at a good time, in the fullness of time
  • apdovanoti garbės ženklu ar pan. (v.) dress, decorate, hang
  • ar... ar whether … or
  • daugiau ar mažiau () give or take, near, near to, in the neighborhood of, in the neighbourhood of, right by, about, broadly, somewhere in the region of, approximately, something like, sort of, or thereabouts, close to, just about, some, roughly, more or less, around, or so, round, round about, -ish, almost, thereabout, thereabouts, approx, beside, by, close on, next to, in the region of, roundabout
  • panaudoti savo ar kitų įtaką (v.) manipulate, pull strings, pull wires
  • panaudoti savo ar kitų įtaką/pažintis () pull strings, pull the strings
  • vargu ar galimas (adj.) improbable, unbelievable, unconvincing, unlikely
  • šiaip ar taip () after all, none the worse for
  • panašumas į grietinėlę ar kremą (n.) creaminess, soupiness
  • skaičius ar herbas? () heads or tails
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