applied lietuviškai

applied vertimas a taikomasis (menas, mokslas)

  • Applied arts Taikomasis menas
  • applied research (n.) taikomieji moksliniai tyrimai
  • applied sciences (n.) taikomieji mokslai
  • applied scientist (n.) inžinierius, mechanikas, technologas
  • applied science (n.) technologija, technika
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (consumption verb) to put into service; to make work or employ for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose
  • (pertain) to be pertinent, relevant, or applicable
  • (request) to ask (for something) Type of: request. Follows: interview
  • (cover) to apply to a surface
  • (be applicable, analysis) to be applicable to, as to an analysis
  • (distribute) to give or convey physically
  • (avail oneself to) to avail oneself to
  • (compel) to ensure observance of laws and rules
  • (denote) to refer (a word or name) to a person or thing Type of: denote
  • (dedicate) to apply oneself to Type of: give
  • (app.) concerned with concrete problems or data rather than with fundamental principles
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