animate lietuviškai

animate vertimas 1. v 1) pagyvinti, atgaivinti; 2) įkvėpti; 2. a gyvas, guvus; pagyvėjąs

  • animate being (n.) gyvūnas, gyvulys, gyvulių, žvėris, grubus, kūrinys, būtybė, gyvis
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (shake up) to heighten or intensify
  • (change) to give life-like qualities to
  • (liven up) to make lively
  • (come to) to give new life or energy to
  • (linguistics) belonging to the class of nouns that denote living beings Topic: linguistics
  • (endowed, animal life) endowed with animal life as distinguished from plant life Described by: animateness
  • (sensated) endowed with feeling and unstructured consciousness
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