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advance vertimas 1. v 1) stumti priekin; 2) paaukštinti; 3) pagerinti; 4) paskubinti; 5) iš anksto mokėti; 6) artintis; 7) augti, kilti; 8) žengti į priekį; to advance in age senti;2. n 1) žengimas į priekį; kar. puolimas; 2) pažanga, pasisekimas; 3) pagerėjimas; 4) kilimas; 5) pirmenybė, aplenkimas; 6) išmokėjimas iš anksto; in advance a) anksčiau, pirmiau; iš anksto; b) pirmyn; to be in advance a) pralenkti; b) skubėti (apie laikrodį)

  • advance guard (n.) žvalgomasis, avangardas
  • advance booking (n.) išankstinis užsakymas
  • price fixed in advance (n.) išankstinė nustatytoji kaina
  • in advance (adj.) išankstinis
  • in advance (adv.) iš anksto
  • in advance () priekyje
  • advance voting (n.) išankstinis balsavimas
  • advance payment (n.) išankstinė įmoka
  • Advance Australia Fair Australijos himnas
  • cash advance (n.) avansas
  • Game Boy Advance
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (change of location) a movement forward
  • (transformation) a change for the better; progress in development
  • (suggestion) a tentative suggestion designed to elicit the reactions of others
  • (motion) the act of moving forward (as toward a goal)
  • (sum of money) an amount paid before it's earned
  • (step-up) increase in price or value
  • (go) to move forward, also in the metaphorical sense
  • (propose) to bring forward for consideration or acceptance
  • (up) to increase or raise
  • (support) to contribute to the progress or growth of
  • (displace) to cause to move forward
  • (gain ground) to obtain advantages, such as points, and so on
  • (develop) to develop in a positive way
  • (better) to develop further Type of: better
  • (delegate) to give a promotion to or assign to a higher position
  • (lend) to pay in advance Type of: lend
  • (set) to move forward
  • (wax) to rise in rate or price
  • (early) being ahead of time or need
  • (front) situated ahead or going before
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