absorbing lietuviškai

absorbing vertimas a 1) absorbuojąs; 2) pagaunąs, patrauklus

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (chemistry) to become imbued Topic: chemistry. Type of: sorb
  • (learn) to take up mentally
  • (fund) to take up, as of debts or payments
  • (suck up) to take in, also metaphorically
  • (blend) to cause to become one with Type of: blend
  • (weather verb) to suck or take up or in
  • (concentrate) to devote (oneself) fully to
  • (receive) to assimilate or take in Type of: receive
  • (interest) to consume all of one's attention or time
  • (interesting) capable of arousing and holding the attention
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